What to do if you and your partner no longer have sex

At first everything is butterflies and rainbows, but as the relationships progress, the sexual desire is declining, causing friction in the relationship and even separation.  How to keep the passion in a couple? Click here for sexshop.

How can we solve it?

Communication and equality

Understanding that the way to find pleasure in women is not always the same as that of men, having a communicative and worked relationship is essential to reach an agreement.

The caresses have the same importance of intercourse, they are not preliminary. There are multiple options to enjoy our sexuality: massages, looks, kisses. Visit this site for sexshop.

If your partner is tired of certain practices in bed, or it is you who do not feel comfortable with any behavior, it is very important to communicate and make an effort to understand it. If we are not willing to cultivate our relationship and make that extra effort, perhaps the relationship we are in is not worth it.

sexual desire

That incomprehension and lack of agreement become frustration is lethal to a relationship, because we cannot live with a person who makes us feel incomplete and unhappy.


The sexologist speaks of fatigue as one of the most aggressive factors for our sexual health.

Comply with work, the demands of society, household chores, children, dog, and job insecurity and if there is no balance in the house … the woman feels overwhelmed and exhausted. The same goes for the man “.

Planning and ordering the priorities of the couple is essential to fight fatigue and stress. Nor is it good to press and it is convenient to respect the rhythms.

Lack of emotional communication

We must be creative. Work our fantasy and open our concept of sexuality. For us it is easier because our sexual model does not satisfy us, but they must do an exercise of complacency,” explains Camera, We must investigate our sexual fantasy and that of our partner.

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